Thursday, March 31, 2011

Logo for "Live New Life Now"

It's definitely time to Live New Life Now
Why ?
You know why :)

It starts with a good heart and a smile
and everything will take you to the star :)

Yes, Now :)

Logo for "I keep my Promises"

"I Keep my Promises"
For you who love to break your promises
purposely or un-purposely ;p
It's time to stop it

Time to actually keep your Promises !!

Use this Logo to remind and encourage you :)

Logo for "Boss" is Here Now

Live your Life as if your "Boss" is here Now
Oh O love the font play of the word "Boss" on this one :)
it's B-O-S-S

Of course
you've gotta Respect and Forgive too :)

Logo for Fight Lazy

Logo Design for Fight Lazy
as in Fight Laziness :)
a blog with a good cause to invite people to fight laziness, right now

You of course need the "Fire" within you
and then, you Fight Laziness and Start doing what you gotta do
there's no other way
You fight it

Good Luck !! :)

Join the fight :)
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