Friday, June 18, 2010

Logo for Sloaneypie

hmmm...Sloaneypie :)
the " Network of Pies..... huh? what?....exactly !! "

Design process :
sketch sketch

Finalizing the Logo :

Logo for I Can Change Project is a blog to prove that 1 person can change.
The project is a work in progress......but hey.... it's progressing :)

Design Process :
"I Can Change Project"
when I hear that line, I imagined a person reaching for the star
yup.... wanting to change and reaching for that star
Reaching for that dream...... :)

sketching away

until finally :

Logo for LilMiracles Art is a blog about Art, painting in Acrylic mostly :)
The name suggest that the paintings may be Little Miracles for the blog owner and for those who purchased the paintings and as a long term goal, the owner wishes that, one day soon, the paintings can be sold/auctioned for charities and that they may be little miracles for those in need :)

The Logo uses the blog owner painting of a Toucan bird on a bright bluish-turquoise background.
and why "quack ?" :)
Because the blog owner doesn't take herself too seriously and she realizes that learning is a life-long fun process, so.... she'll keep asking silly questions and researching for answers :D

Logo for Heal Vitiligo

Heal Vitiligo is a blog about a girl trying to Heal her Vitiligo :)

A few sketches
puzzle like sketches to mimic the unpredictable shape of Vitiligo patches

but then since Vitiligo may also triggered by stress..... the "heart" must be in the logo.
Why ? because you'd need inner peace, you'd need love :) as simple as that
The big V in dotted lines symbolizes the vanishing Vitiligo patches.... that the Vitiligo is disappearing, that it's healing just by a hint of Love.

Logo for The Healthy Life Diet

The Healthy Life Diet is a blog about .... not necessarily a Diet
but it's more of everything, because when you're on a Diet, you're only going to be on it for a while.
The Healthy Life Diet is about everything, is about changing your whole diet and lifestyle so you're always eating the healthiest food possible and having the healthiest balanced lifestyle ever. (happiness, accomplishments, inner peace, etc etc)

The Logo ?
I've thought of using an apple, or any other fruit, but that won't represent the whole concept of The Healthy Life Diet.
A Fruit basket ? naahh... too supermarket-y
Laughter ? I was actually going for an apple and a smile underneath....;p
but I decided that words will best describe the blog, thus the logo is born
and besides .... I love stripes :)

a few color swatches

andd....... The header/banner and square banner

Logo for Creative Hands is actually a blog that serves as a reminder to USE YOUR HAND !!
yep... to use your talents !!

So it was pretty obvious that the logo is going to be hands, so everytime people look at it, they'll be reminded of their own hands and to reflect what they've done and what they're gonna do with their two hands for the good of themselves and for others.

Design process :
Photo of a model's hands
creates ....... the logo.... as simple as that :)

Logo for Resto Life

"My Resto Life" is a blog about a girl working in a Restaurant, about the ups n downs n the hecticness of a busy Restaurant.
Resto is short for Restaurant, btw :)

I first started off with a simple sketch of a typical waitress girl bringing a tray of food
I was going to use that as the logo, added some color (not in the pic)
but then decided to use a silhouette instead :)

Logo for Rumah Bahasa

Rumah Bahasa means Language House or House of Languages
The owner of the blog loves learning languages and the blog is there to share that love :)

It was a pretty straight forward process
Language House equals a House that talks (in my head, anyways)
so I did some sketches and tadaaaa.............

Logo for WonderfulReminder

Wonderful Reminder is a blog about little useful reminders in life
a Reminder for what to do or how to act when this and that happens
actually it's a reminder for just about anything that the owner of the blog think is necessary to put in there :)

First I start with rough sketches

you know...the usual, throwing in the crazy butterfly doodle and scary odd looking octopus in the mix.
But the thought bubble was the think that I wanted to incorporate in the logo.
and since it's a good Reminder that comes from the heart, why not put a heart symbol in the logo. Not as a tacky heart icon, but as a symbol that those thought bubbles really comes from the heart, thus the wonderful reminder :)

Voila the final sketch n the logo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Logo Design for is a fun blog relating to Art
The logo started off with a sketch, colored in with colored pencil
the wavy flowy curly colorful thingy represents the many faces of art -- yea..gotta have concept ;p
So.... sketch became digital and the bright fun playful Logo is born :)
Why ? because Art is supposed to be Fun and playful :)
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