Monday, December 14, 2009

Logo design for Chelia Shoppe

Chelia Shoppe is an online shop specializing in "All things Cute"
Especially their beautiful handmade feather pen.
Seriously you need to check them out :)

Vi, The owner of Chelia-Shoppe knew what she wanted for her logo
but when I asked her to gave me a sketch of the logo she wanted
She kept on saying "I can't draw properly"

One important thing is, if you want to design something or want to get someone to design something for you, just sketch away, no matter how "bad" you think your sketch is.
It doesn't matter, what's important is to get your idea across and we'll work from there.

So here's the initial sketch from Vi
it's actually not bad, right ? :)

and Here are my sketches

and the final design :)

Check out Chelia Shoppe

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Logo design for

MyHowtoLife is a personal blog of Ms. x about her How to's in Life :)

This is a simple design, 1 sketch and done

I like the sketch with the short hair, but the girl's got long hair, so long hair it is :)
and the question mark in the sketch becomes a light bulb in the final design

She also has another blog regarding technology and gadgets and stuff called MyHowtoTech

check out her blogs here :
My How to Life

My How to Tech
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