Friday, October 23, 2009

Logo for is a blog about Healthy eating, especially all those yummy Rainbow Food
So you've got carrots there, because apparently, the owner of juices frequently.... yup carrots. :)
She also sunbathe early in the mornings often, so I add in the sunshine.... plus it just makes sense :D
and add in the Rainbow and the happy face.....
You've got the logo for

Here's the sketches
I tend to visualize designs in my head first, so my sketches aren't that many, that's just how I design.

The Final Logo

Go visit for Rainbow Foods :)

Logo for comic is a blog about encouragement & motivational comic

The Logo should be as simple as that :)
with both hands up in the air.... u're liberated, free, happy !!

So here's the sketches

The Final Logo

Go visit for more motivational comic :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Add comments to your blog :)

These are some images you can add to your blog.
It's basically to get people to add comments to your blog :)

Aren't they super cute and sweetly creepy at the same time ?
I found it here :

I just love the graphic :)
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