Friday, April 17, 2009

Colour Lovers

Have you ever got stuck on choosing colors ?
Can't seem to find the color to match ?
Where can you find nice color combinations ?

Well.... This website is sooooooooooooo helpful for me.
Even if when I'm not searching for anything,
I love seeing all the colour combinations and patters or just reading the blog.

Just take a look

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Logo

Let's start with
Studio Kreatif's Logo

It all starts with a simple rough sketch ;)
At first I wanted to just use the initial S and K,
but when I drew it, the little guy appeared and I liked it.
so I focused on that instead of the initial.

I always love seeing other people's sketches, so here are mine :
I've never been a good sketcher anyways ;p
but that's just who I am :)

and another one

So I'm then ready to design the logo on the Computer.
And finally, the Studio Kreatif Logo
He looks like he's looking up, wishful, hoping, smiling
and He's inside of Studio Kreatif.
and I just love it.

Studio Kreatif 5

other stuff

Studio Kreatif 4

other stuff

Studio Kreatif 3

other stuff

Studio Kreatif 2

other stuff

Studio Kreatif 1

other stuff


This is where I go
when I'm bored and don't know which websites to surf
when I'm looking to find design inspirations.
There are so many talented n creative people out there.


go there to find color combinations or just read the blog
News, Competition, Portfolio, Blogs, Jobs, Everything about the Design world

( will soon update content with more links )

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