Monday, December 14, 2009

Logo design for Chelia Shoppe

Chelia Shoppe is an online shop specializing in "All things Cute"
Especially their beautiful handmade feather pen.
Seriously you need to check them out :)

Vi, The owner of Chelia-Shoppe knew what she wanted for her logo
but when I asked her to gave me a sketch of the logo she wanted
She kept on saying "I can't draw properly"

One important thing is, if you want to design something or want to get someone to design something for you, just sketch away, no matter how "bad" you think your sketch is.
It doesn't matter, what's important is to get your idea across and we'll work from there.

So here's the initial sketch from Vi
it's actually not bad, right ? :)

and Here are my sketches

and the final design :)

Check out Chelia Shoppe

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Logo design for

MyHowtoLife is a personal blog of Ms. x about her How to's in Life :)

This is a simple design, 1 sketch and done

I like the sketch with the short hair, but the girl's got long hair, so long hair it is :)
and the question mark in the sketch becomes a light bulb in the final design

She also has another blog regarding technology and gadgets and stuff called MyHowtoTech

check out her blogs here :
My How to Life

My How to Tech

Friday, October 23, 2009

Logo for is a blog about Healthy eating, especially all those yummy Rainbow Food
So you've got carrots there, because apparently, the owner of juices frequently.... yup carrots. :)
She also sunbathe early in the mornings often, so I add in the sunshine.... plus it just makes sense :D
and add in the Rainbow and the happy face.....
You've got the logo for

Here's the sketches
I tend to visualize designs in my head first, so my sketches aren't that many, that's just how I design.

The Final Logo

Go visit for Rainbow Foods :)

Logo for comic is a blog about encouragement & motivational comic

The Logo should be as simple as that :)
with both hands up in the air.... u're liberated, free, happy !!

So here's the sketches

The Final Logo

Go visit for more motivational comic :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Add comments to your blog :)

These are some images you can add to your blog.
It's basically to get people to add comments to your blog :)

Aren't they super cute and sweetly creepy at the same time ?
I found it here :

I just love the graphic :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun Link - Color me Katie

I just found out about this girl Katie Sokoler and her blog
I absolutely love her blog and her fun life.
I couldn't stop reading her blog, it's like being pulled into her super colorful world.
We need more people like you Katie :)
Thanx for sharing your blog.

Go check it out :)
I'm sure you'll love it too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Funny Kodak Advertisement

This is zooming old school

Lion says : " Hit that flash button and you're dead "

Image : Kodak

Core77 for Designers !!!

If you're an Industrial Designer, Product Designer, Furniture Designer, Anything Designer, or you're just interested in Designs.
Hop on to
It's got a whole lot of information for Designers.
Starting from News, Blogs, Portfolios, Jobs, Competitions, etc etc.

ps. Does anyone know why it's called core77 ?

Image :

Monday, July 20, 2009

Logo for

So... This is a Logo for
It's a website about Ideas, mostly Ideas about Social Entrepreneurship, Eco/Green stuff, Inspirational Ideas and just about everything else.

You know when we think about Ideas, we usually see the lightbulb image.
It's that simple.
and is about Ideas that comes from the heart.
So if fits the Final Logo :)

Here is the initial sketch

and the Final Logo

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Favorite Design / Books - Guide

Click here to go to My Store for Designs and Books.

Books are one of my favorite things in the world.
I don't buy every new books that are marked "best seller" or "new arrival"
But Sometimes , some books are just so good, I just have to have them.
Sometimes the books are published way back then, yes old books are sometimes the best.
Sometimes I find books on sale of only 3 dollars !!
Sometimes they just got published and I got attracted by the pretty cover and they turn out to be great books.
Sometimes the cover is really "ugly" and "boring" but the book turned out to be fun.
But one thing's for sure, They're filled with so much useful and amazingly true information
Even after reading it months ago, you can always go back to it and find more information that you didn't notice before.

So here are My Design / Book Recommendations. along with some ingenious design stuff :)
I'll add more stuff that I find useful for me at the store, so you can benefit from it too :)

They've given me quite a lot of useful design information and inspirations and ideas.
and I just wanna share them with you :)

Enjoy !

PS. I will do reviews of the books in future posts, in the mean time, you can just follow the link to see the books :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

How long does it take to choose a color ?

Choosing color may seem simple.
You go to someone else's website and you go "oh the color combination is so ugly"
or "oh wow the color's so cute"

For me...........
I sometimes take a long time to decide on a color.
A simple line.... and I tested 20 different color before finally deciding on my first choice.
then what about a background color....
Which color ?
Do I need to add texture ? pattern ? image ?

Then when I'm set on a color, let say blue.
Then I'd test a lighter blue, darker blue, greenier blue, purplier blue....

Then I'd realize this is a Logo for baby's toy, for example,
so maybe I really shouldn't be using black.

Sometimes it takes trial and error to find a perfect color combo.
Sometimes it takes only 2 seconds ;)

I sometimes take a long time to decide on a color.
But I know I'm not the only one :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Colour Lovers

Have you ever got stuck on choosing colors ?
Can't seem to find the color to match ?
Where can you find nice color combinations ?

Well.... This website is sooooooooooooo helpful for me.
Even if when I'm not searching for anything,
I love seeing all the colour combinations and patters or just reading the blog.

Just take a look

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Logo

Let's start with
Studio Kreatif's Logo

It all starts with a simple rough sketch ;)
At first I wanted to just use the initial S and K,
but when I drew it, the little guy appeared and I liked it.
so I focused on that instead of the initial.

I always love seeing other people's sketches, so here are mine :
I've never been a good sketcher anyways ;p
but that's just who I am :)

and another one

So I'm then ready to design the logo on the Computer.
And finally, the Studio Kreatif Logo
He looks like he's looking up, wishful, hoping, smiling
and He's inside of Studio Kreatif.
and I just love it.

Studio Kreatif 5

other stuff

Studio Kreatif 4

other stuff

Studio Kreatif 3

other stuff

Studio Kreatif 2

other stuff

Studio Kreatif 1

other stuff


This is where I go
when I'm bored and don't know which websites to surf
when I'm looking to find design inspirations.
There are so many talented n creative people out there.


go there to find color combinations or just read the blog
News, Competition, Portfolio, Blogs, Jobs, Everything about the Design world

( will soon update content with more links )

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